The Roman poet Horace is attributed with saying that a picture is a poem without words. Well, that's what we like to think too, although some words will be allowed (what's a card without the occasional sentiment). Welcome to the Without Words Challenge where we want you to create clean and simple cards, focusing on the image without the distractions of too many embellishments. We hope you enjoy this challenge as much as we do!



Monday 5 November 2012

November: Whizz Bang (BRIGHT colours)

Hello Artists!  Welcome to another monthly challenge where we like to play WITHOUT WORDS - we have been thrilled to see you enjoying our fun challenges so much, and we hope that you will enjoy this one too!

You may have noticed that we have changed our date - from now on we will be posting on the first Monday of each month.

This month, which is NOVEMBER, our challenge is WHIZZ BANG!  So, what are we looking for? BRIGHT COLOURS, lots of zing and zap, think fireworks!  Your image does not have to be firework themed, but you should use bright colours.

We are looking forward to seeing what you make of this one and viewing your fabulous creations.

We've had a few problems with some entrants not reading the challenge or not following the CAS ethos.  Please remember to follow our CAS definition (set out for you at the top of the blog) and the theme of this months challenge for your entry to be a valid one.  It is upsetting for us to have to discount anyone, especially when your work is so gorgeous.

Our very talented Design Team (the Magnificent Seven) have created their usual high standard of magic to inspire you.  An awful lot of time is spent by the team in creating these mini works of art so don't forget that it would be nice if you have time to visit their individual blogs and share the love.

And just before we go, the Winner and Top 3 for last month have been posted on our Without Word Stars Of The Month page - don't forget to pop over and check it out, it could be you!

The most important thing to remember?  Relax and have fun with colour!

Next month, as well as a brand new challenge on 3 December, we will have some exciting news for you...

Squirrel and the Without Words Team

The November challenge will close at 6.00pm (UK time) on 29 November


The one thing that we all have problems with from time to time is the link tool going missing.  If you find that this has disappeared from the challenge, please try refreshing your page.  If the link tool still does not appear then you can link your entry via your comment.  The HTML code for linking your entry will be:
<a href="link to post"/>text to be seen</a>  
If you are still not sure, here is an example of what it should look like
<a href="http://squirrel10.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/luv-ya.html"/>here is my entry</a>
(just copy and paste the address bar from your published post)
The space between the first <a and href=, and a space after the last a>
are essential for the link to work.


  1. i hope my card is following the rules!
    Very good challenge idea!

  2. Oooo i'm so nervous, as this is the first time, i have entered this Challenge and i'm hoping my card has followed the rules, if not, then please delete it, thanks Sam x